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My name is Brett Slansky and I am martial arts coach and personal fitness trainer who enjoy TRX workouts as an add on to help me to achieve my fitness goals. For the past couple of months I have discovered that TRX workout routine is very good for the whole body and I included classes at my martial arts and fitness center.

I would like to present the best information about this bodyweight training and how it can help you to bee strong and fit. Also if you are looking for some home courses that will show you all the TRX moves, you will not be disappointed.

So let’s start into it, shall we?

What is TRX and how the TRX suspension workouts help you to be fit, strong or burn fat?

Suspension workouts may not yet be the mainstream, but to a certain group of people, a particular program is becoming the definitive exercise regimen for core strengthening and total body conditioning.

TRX training is now a popular functional training regimen amongst professional athletes, SWAT teams, firefighters, and military special ops teams. In this article, we will describe the program and its benefits s that we can better understand why these groups have adapted the program as their own.

You will also learn the important elements of the program so that you will realize that you can choose it as an alternative to the current exercise regimen that you are doing on a regular basis.


Benefits of TRX – What can TRX Workout Plan Do for Your Body?

A person gains many benefits from using the TRX device since the workout targets the whole body. With regular exercise, a TRX regimen develops:

  • core stability and strength
  • builds muscle endurance
  • promotes joint stability
  • develops balance
  • improves central nervous system – CNS
  • and much more…

The workout also enhances fat burning without muscle loss so that the person also loses weight while gaining muscle power. Most importantly, it delivers results fast.

Based on studies conducted, it has also been determined that the program boosts job performance in individuals who perform it regularly.

Work performance levels improve by as much as 50% amongst military personnel in particular.

Other studies show that this kind of training also contributes to injury prevention and lowers the incidence of shoulder and back pain.

A revolutionary concept

This revolutionary exercise program is performed on a special system of webbings and ropes. The conceptualization of TRX is a very interesting story.

Randy Hetrick, a former NAVY Seal developed the concept that led to the development of the TRX or Total Resistance eXercise device. With a Jiu Jitsu belt, tied to a tree Hetrick performed the very first TRX exercise activity.

The idea came to Hetrick during deployment, wherein he faced the challenge of staying fit and healthy given the limitations presented by the environment. Gym facilities were scarce, and he had to make do with what was available to him.

From its rudimentary beginnings, we can now enjoy the health benefits of the latest incarnation of the TRX machine—the TRX Suspension Trainer.


The TRX Suspension Trainer – A Simple Home Workout Equipment That Works!

trx-home-kitThe TRX Suspension Trainer system is now staple exercise equipment in many gyms and exercise rooms. It is especially popular amongst elite athletes and members of the law enforcement because the trainer offers its users an effective total body workout. There are so many different forms of TRX workouts, making the TRX machine a versatile exercise equipment indeed.

How does it work?

Simplified, the device utilizes the person’s body weight to increase muscle strength. Unlike weight lifting, which is more specific, this approach targets multiple muscle groups. The amount of resistance is dependent on the position of the body and therefore it can be changed with a few modifications in the person’s footing.

Unlike most gym equipment, it does not incur high costs such that a regular person can afford one. The TRX Suspension Trainer system can be placed anywhere in the home or in the gym, and it can even be set-up outside.


Here Are The Top TRX Home Training Kits I Recommend:


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And for the ones that feel about the hardcore TRX workouts, I believe that the Military style is the one that is so hot, just take a look at it, it is definitely one of my favorite one:


TRX Force Kit Tactical Equipment


For Whom Is TRX Training?

TRX suspension training works effectively both as a stand-alone program and a supplemental training regimen for athletes of any kind of sport.

Practitioners of sports such as baseball, swimming, running, and cycling utilize this training program to prepare for important tournaments such as the Olympics and Major League events. UFC fighters are also into TRX programs. Mixed martial arts champions boast of the benefits they get from suspension workouts.

Nevertheless, its benefits are not limited to athletes. One of the best things about TRX exercise is that it is a scalable full body workout routine. This means that people all ages can perform it at their own pace, and against the amount of resistance that they can manage.




An overview of suspension workouts


Suspension training falls under resistance training. The main objective of suspension training is to develop muscle strength. In this type of training, the exercises involve functional movements performed while suspended on a device made from ropes and webbing.

Because of the way that it has been set-up, the TRX regimen is founded on bodyweight exercises.

What then is required of the person doing the exercises? In order to target specific muscle groups, dynamic position changes need to be made while in suspension. The person who uses the device works against his own body weight to attain fitness goals. As such, the person doing the activities must have some core strength in order to perform the suspension workout. Because it is a main requirement, improving core strength is the primary benefit from using a suspension device.

Aside from developing core stability, the system of ropes also improves muscle strength around joints, thus improving joint integrity as well.

It must be noted that a person also has to have a measure of joint integrity in order to perform activities on the TRX equipment. A TRX workout may look like a simple routine, but it the activities included in the program also requires good balance and coordination.


Total Body Weight Workout

A TRX workout plan covers areas typically neglected by other exercise programs. This is one of the major advantagesTRX-Complete Body Exercises offered to athletes. It also provides the training benefits of 20 different gym machines, making it a good investment in the long run. With the TRX suspension device, a person can exercise more than one muscle group with one movement.

Experts on the matter also point out that instead of just training for core strength, the device offers development of reactive stability. These core workouts improve not only the muscle, but also the whole neuromuscular system.

The core is developed in TRX exercises because it needs to be braced before any action is performed on the machine, otherwise, the person will lose his balance while suspended on the straps.

In this way, the body learns to prepare itself before the movement, making every action more efficient.

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Overall, now you have the information about suspension workouts and the only thing you need to do is simply do it. Knowing about this is not enought. Just go out there, get the Home Training Kit, learn what to do with it and start your ultimate body transformation. The best part, you will not be bored with this — but I have to warn you:

TRX Suspension Training Is Not Your Typical Gym Class!