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Hello and welcome to this site I am very passionate about. My name is Brett Slansky and I am martial arts instructor and fitness trainer who simply fell in love with TRX – Total Resistance eXercise equipment, since it is so easy to mount and the workout plans are virtually unlimited.

Imagine, one day you workout at home, the next you simply take the TRX straps outside and do some great workout on the fresh air — that is something you will never be able to do inside your Gym or training center.

Did you know that training outside while breathing fresh air helps with making your immune system stronger?

Well, now you know! Take advantage of it.

As a martial arts coach I realize the power of the core muscle workouts and how it improves the functionality of the body and not only for fighting, but for every action you do during your normal daily activities. So it is very important if you get into a habit of strenght training workouts like TRX.

With this simple home training equipment, you can get the full body workout routine within just couple minutes. So why wasting time in the traffic while going to the fitness gym? I believe that time is precious and that is why I prefer to save it as much as I can! But that is me. Of course if you love the group class atmosphere, you can find  TRX classes at your local training center. But if you have great coach, you will fall in love with this type of bodyweight training like I did. And trust me, when this time comes, you will want to buy TRX equipment for sale, since I know where to buy it for less than the official site.

For this reason, I will post my TRX training reviews here on this blog, so you can decide on which Trainer Kit is the best for you to use for your home training routines.

I hope you like this site and that you will find all the infomation about this awesome and simple workout equipment you were looking for. Please feel free the browse all the articles on here and if you really like the site, please share it with your frieds on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email or whatever site you are using.

Thank you very much for stopping by and reading this blurp about what I am trully passionate about.


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Brett Slansky
Wing Tsun Kung Fu Coach at WTkungfu.cz